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ordway_thumbThe BIG SHOW UNFILTERED heard from 3-6 pm ET is the modernized free-wheeling version of the incredibly popular “THE BIG SHOW” that dominated Boston and New England radio ratings from 1995-2013. The show features the original host Glenn Ordway, “The Big O”, and a rotating cast of top notch sports and entertainment contributors who discuss and debate the daily sports topics and bring a few laughs along the way. They close out each show at 5:45 PM ET with Boston’s all time favorite radio feature…THE WHINER LINE..a litany of humorous callers, comedians, and musicians who discuss, impersonate, and mimic athletes, coaches, celebrities, and even the hosts.

Glenn Ordway is a staple of the Boston sports community having been on the air in a variety of capacities for more than 30 years. His tenure as host of “The Big Show” which launched in September of 1995 was one of the most successful tenures any talent has ever had since the sports format began in 1987.

He began his broadcasting career in radio at a small station in Beverly, WMLO. He then went to WMEX/WITS in Boston in 1975, where he subsequently became Sports Director, as well as working as the color analyst on Boston Bruins radio broadcasts during the 1978-79 and 1979-80 seasons. In 1981, Ordway gained prominence at WRKO in Boston where he manned a popular, award-winning call-in show, Sportscall.

Ordway is also known for his thirteen years as commentator for the Boston Celtics. For several years, he worked with legendary Boston Celtics play-by-play man Johnny Most. During this period, he appeared as himself in an episode of the long running Boston based sitcom Cheers. Ordway succeed Most as play by play voice of the Celtics in 1991 and held the lead position on the broadcasts through the 1994-95 season.

In 1987, the Celtics moved their radio programming to WEEI, where Ordway became executive sports director, and later program manager. In 1996, he was promoted to program director, and began The Big Show. Ordway’s show was ranked #1 in its target demographic of men 25-54 for 11 years from 1997 to 2008 and his staple feature, “The Whiner Line” was the most listened to 15 minutes on Boston radio over that period of time.

Ordway was hired in December of 2013 by SiriusXM to host “The Big Weekend Show” on the Mad Dog Radio Channel. The program airs on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8a to 11am.

Ordway has also hosted a program on Comcast Sports Net during New England Patriots season called New England Tailgate, discussing the team with former players Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie. He has also appeared on the HBO sports documentaries The Curse of the Bambino and The Reverse of the Curse of the Bambino.

Show Contributors

Steve Buckley

Graig Murphy

Steve DeOssie

Fred Smerlas